John Wright Martin’s ongoing love affair with designing interiors was ignited at a very young age while pouring over the pages of Architectural Digest. He credits his grandmother, Virginia Wright, as his creative muse. Her love of fine art and furnishings sparked an irresistible desire in him to create beautiful environments that capture the imaginations of all who enter.

John’s vision for his company centers around delivering a “wow, I live here” experience every time a client walks through their front door. Creating stylish, exciting spaces that are also inherently comfortable and inviting is key to his design philosophy. Drawing on his own personal passions as a point of comparison, he likens finding this perfect balance to his addiction to fine shoes and blazers. While loving the thrill of discovering a new “must have” and the feeling it evokes to don such a find, John also relishes the comfort of slipping into a roomy T-shirt and shorts. As a designer, creating an interior that captures both ends of this spectrum in a way that works for a client’s lifestyle is the ultimate benchmark of satisfaction.

You are invited to share your vision with us, and to realize the indescribable joy of making your dream space a daily reality.

John Wright Martin
John Wright Martin

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